All products at Mobile Storage Systems are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. We pride ourselves on a great product that will last you years. In fact, we're so certain your mobile storage system will last, we warranty our systems for five years from date of install. When you buy one of our custom storage systems, you get unprecedented quality that you'll only find at Mobile Storage Systems.

T-1000 Series

T-1000 Series Mobile Storage System

Perfect for freezers, coolers, dry storage, and more.  These racks are capable of holding up to 1000 lbs. per linear foot and are the perfect solution for stockrooms, educational institutions, and other situations where storage space may be minimal.  Unlike other storage systems, we can adapt your existing equipment to increase your storage capacity.  Using your existing rack system helps to decrease your initial startup cost, but we also carry very affordable new shelving.  Consolidating your shelving with our mobile storage systems facilitates inventory and process flow, and gives you a better understanding of what you have in stock.   The utilization possibilities with this type of system are truly endless.

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T-3000 Series

T-3000 Series Mobile Storage System

Business document storage requires increasing amounts of storage space.  Our T-3000 Series rack system is perfect for industrial uses such as inventory control in warehouses, and for storage of heavy goods such as those for sporting goods, pro shops,and more.  These racks are capable of handling 3000lbs per linear foot, making them the ideal solution for filing and document storage for businesses, hospitals, doctor's offices, or schools (where records must be readily available for an extended period of time).  Our mechanical gear system effortlessly moves even the heaviest product with only the swivel of an arm.  Double your storage capacity with Mobile Storage Systems, and gain more valuable space in your office or shop.

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T-5000 Series

T-5000 Series Mobile Storage System

Warehouse storage can present difficult challenges for space utilization.  Acquiring adequate space for the movement of a fork lift can make it difficult to get the most out of your space.  Our T-5000 Series high density storage system allows warehouse storage capacity to be doubled without adding square footage.  Capable of handling 5000lbs. per linear foot, this system is the perfect solution for industrial companies that need room to store product, while still being able to dedicate the majority of their space to production. Storage warehouses can improve inventory control and process flow with a system that allows for easy mobility and organization.  Manufacturing companies can also quickly benefit from increased tool and die storage and accessibility.

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